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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sting Production - Completion

Today I spent the day with my team mate putting the last bits of the sting together in preparation for final exportation. My team mate checked over the sounds I had collected previously from various online libraries and appropriate YouTube videos and wrote a list of other sounds needed to help me find more specific sounds. I managed to find a lot of suitable sounds and organised them in a file structure for easy access for my team mate.

Using organised file structures eased the workflow in this project.
We then sat together and edited the sounds in Soundtrack Pro to fit them to the timing and composition. I helped my team mate with this and after a couple of hours work we managed to fit some great cartoon sounds to our final animation.

I recorded the soundtracks in Audacity and sent my team mate the MP3 forma
We then assisted each other with a tutor's support in exporting the final sting with the correct render settings and file extension.

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