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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Character Design - Charlie The Cat

A 5 pose turnaround of the character Charlie the Cat, created in Photoshop.

A collection of Charlie's facial expressions, created in Photoshop.

How Charlie is constructed...

Landscape Design

Original landscape idea:

Developed final landscape idea:

Life Drawing Weeks 9-10

Week Nine - mixing oil paints and vegetable oil along with the use of a cloth and paintbrush to study the human form in a different medium

Week Ten - using a simple 4B pencil

Life Drawing Weeks 7-8

Week Seven - studying fellow classmates using a combination of charcoal and chalk

Week Eight - using a fine tip ink pen to develop line work

Life Drawing Weeks 4-6

Week Four - using charcoal for longer poses

 Weeks Five to Six - using ink and paintbrushes for a number of shorter poses

Life Drawing Weeks 1-3

Week One - sketching using 4B and 5B pencils

Weeks Two to Three - using the charcoal material