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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sting Production - Final Animations

I have been working into the animations I have created in order to clean them up and make sure they're ready for importation into the final After Effects file.

I was asked by my team member to create a short animation of some leaves which are thrown out of the tree as the ducks fly out, I created a number of versions of this animation before I was happy with it and my team mate liked the final outcome.

I tried creating realistic leaves which shoot out of the tree and then fall due to gravity but my team mate wanted a more comical effect on the leaves.

I then changed the animation by giving them more of an arc and by importing them into Flipbook with the ducks animation on another layer I was able to adjust the timing appropriately.
The final animation coloured and layered.
The other animations were then cleaned up to finalise them. I was going to change the blue birds and small birds wings to give them a more realistic 'U' shape but as they only appear quickly at the beginning of the animation I was hoping to get away with that small inaccuracy.

Small birds animation.
Bluebirds animation.
The final squirrel animation which I'm very happy with.
I have sent the final files to my team mate and the next stage will be sorting the sound out on After Effects which I have been collecting and checking over the animations when they have been imported to check for errors and inaccuracies.

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