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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sting Production - Early Stages

I am now in a group to begin producing the final 20 second sting for this project. The animatic I am working on is great and I am very pleased it is the Warner Brothers genre as I am particularly comfortable with this style of animation.

To begin my work in the group I first looked at the video my team member gained his first inspiration from which is Tex Avery's Screwball Squirrel from 1944. I looked at a series of images in order to observe the style and drawing techniques used by the wonderful animator Tex Avery.

Looking at character design - the animatic uses a very similiar character to the grey squirrel pictured here.
Character Pose
My team member said he based his animatic on this animated short with the idea of events been calm near the beginning and hectic towards the end.
I particularly looked at the landscape and tree designs in Tex Avery's short to try and mimic his unique style.
Based on my research into this animated short, I went on to create a background design in Photoshop based on one of the stills from my team member's animatic with the end result been this:
I sent this to my team member who had a look at it and we decided to use his background design instead as it featured better textures and he wanted a wider shot in the final design.

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